Year and a half hiatus coming to an end

Hello friends. It's been far too long.

Life caught up to me, and I just haven't had time to post here, or even attempt to do many VulnHub VMs or CTF competitions. I miss that life. Hopefully I'll be able to start back up. I know I made that one post a while back that said I was going to start doing a "Weekly Roundup", however I think we all know how that turned out... Perhaps I'll make an effort to do that this time!

Last summer (2015) I spent most of the time running to various places around the United States, where I ran several CyberSTEM camps for Marine Corps JROTC cadets. These camps taught the basics of Windows/Linux security, digital forensics and crypto, Cisco networking, and VEX robotics. The camps were designed to prepare the students to form a team and compete in a competition called CyberPatriot, as well as giving a basic understanding of various STEM fields.

After the summer ended, I began college, majoring in Computer Science. I made so many great friends both in my major, as well as other majors. One of the many things I love about the school I am attending, is that during my junior and senior year all students have mandetory co-op semesters. This means that all students are required to get a job related to their major (the school will help place them into a job if need be, or the students can apply to their choices themselves). Then, the first year ended in April, a bit early compared to most other schools around me.

Throughout school, and the summer following I got introduced to a guy through a friend of mine, who owned a small information security company specializing in penetration testing and web application security. After meeting up and talking about potentially starting a "hackerspace", he offered me a job. Awesome! Freshman in college, working 100% remotely, doing information security related stuff! What could be better?

Today was actually the last day of a second CyberSTEM camp we ran this summer. The first was in Front Royal, VA. This one was in Chicago, IL. I love these camps as it allows time to get our old CyberPatriot team back together and do some traveling around the country while educating young minds in the realm of cyber security.

Hopefully now as things start to settle down, I'll be able to focus more on my own independent infosec related hobbies, like CTFs, and that means there will be more blog posts here! Of course I'll still be working and going to school, but at this point I've definitely learned how to manage time between those and still have time to do my own things.

Assuming all goes according to plan, it shouldn't be more than a few days until I post again!